S. Evan Townsend

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Original And Fresh Speculative Fiction  

S. Evan Townsend has been called 'America's Unique Speculative Fiction Voice'.

In the literary tradition of Robert Heinlein, Townsend is a builder of worlds - fantastic yet familiar, slightly off-kilter worlds, filled with characters and storylines that breathe new life into the genre that is speculative fiction.

Today's reader has many options - fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, urban fantasy - the list is endless. Yet all have one thing in common; they begin in fiction and end in fiction. S. Evan Townsend's approach is to begin in the real world - everyday reality - and then to twist that reality, heat it up a bit, spin it and mold it seamlessly into fiction. The dividing lines between what is real and what is fictional become blurred. If innovative speculative fiction is an art form, S. Evan Townsend is a master of that art.

Townsend's writings are heavily researched to ensure both historic and scientific accuracy. All of his works offer captivating tales of fun adventure, wrapped tightly around a solid iron core of fact and accuracy.

" . . . an exciting, fast paced fantasy novel, blending history, politics and magic. I would compare it to a work by Piers Anthony or Robert Heinlein. Had trouble putting it down! Looking forward to more of Townsend's work."